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Unitized Curtain Wall

Today, most construction projects are subject to intense time pressure. With appropriate planning, Wah Tung’s unitized facade systems enable extremely straightforward processing, by means of serial production and pre-assembly of the individual facade units in the workshop.


Stick Built Curtain Wall

Wah Tung offers proprietary system solutions for the more straightforward stick-type curtain wall treatments. We frequently use those systems for special building areas such as shop fronts, penthouses, clubhouses, etc.

Metal Cladding

Every building is defined by form and design and every good and memorable architectural design starts with vision and inspiration. Wah Tung’s metal claddings are lightweight cladding panels ideal for external facades and fasciae. Our panels are specifically designed to improve aesthetic appeal of buildings thanks to their enhanced forming and installation options.


Glass Wall

Glass walls are some of the most practical and visually effective glass installations available. They flood interior spaces with daylight and offer a wide variety of other visual and practical applications.
We spend so much of our modern lives indoors, it can be difficult to get the sunlight we need. Natural light makes us feel better. It boosts wellbeing, productivity and cognition, and has been shown to reduce stress. A glass wall is a fantastic addition to a home or property to experience the benefits of daylight.


Balustrades are functional but they can also be dramatic. We have produced complex and simple systems to meet architects requirements in a range of materials and finishes. With all our steel balustrades safety and security are combined with good design to provide buildings with an enduring feature.
Besides, glass balustrade has become incredibly popular in both commercial and residential developments. Wah Tung can supply and install a variety of glass balustrade systems that can incorporate frameless glass in line with current building legislation, these can be manufactured along with stainless steel requirements and can also be supplied with curved glass. We are able to supply various glass/steel products to meet your loading requirements, whether these be for balconies, semi frameless or frameless glass balustrades.


Structural Steel System

Structural steel system is used especially in large scale structures which require large spans widthwise, lengthwise or in height due to the process. In addition to large scale production facilities, again specifically specified large scale multi-storey buildings, skyscrapers, AVMs, sports halls, commerce centres, exhibition areas, airports and bridges are among the structures in which structural steel system is preferred.

Canopy and Skylight

Wah Tung offers a full line of glass structural and unit canopy and skylights with a wide range of finishes and limitless design possibilities – from installation right down to the finishing touches. We provide customized versatility for commercial projects and other projects, and our canopy and skylights meet stringent design criteria. We have got all the design options and information you need to make a decision.

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