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Has been growing with Hong Kong for 60 years
Your partner providing excellent and innovative solutions in
Design and Build of Façade System

Working Together for a better world

60+ years in the construction industry,300+ projects

in Hong Kong and overseas

Equivalent to 1000 nos. of A380 aircraft and 2000 football pitches



Wah Tung has been based in Hong Kong since the 1950s, a period of tremendous change in the territory. Our history has begun at a small factory in Cheung Sha Wan in 1959.



Understanding the basic concepts of curtain walls, the important considerations of the varying curtain wall types, and the performance specifications for curtain wall systems is critical for architects, project managers and installers in the field.



At Wah Tung, our company culture shows our unique personality. It defines Wah Tung's working environment and positively affects every aspect of Wah Tung.

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Wah Tung has a set of Core Values that define our work ethic and guide our workforce in today’s rapidly changing and challenging world. The Core Values - Safety, Integrity and Quality - are integrated into every aspect of our management style, design and engineering techniques and on-site work, which also outlines Wah Tung’s Mission and Vision.


Since 1987, Wah Tung has been operating in Mainland China, where we have successfully established our manufacturing plant. Our quality products and services include:
1. Curtain wall;
2. Structural steel product;
3. Sheet metal processing; and
4. Fabrication and assembly

We completed a range of projects in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the past decades. Our products have even been promoted to Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Middle East and Japan. The plant occupies 48,000m2 and equips with state-of-art machines and equipment. Wah Tung has established large-scale production lines and equipped with advanced manufacturing systems and facilities. Wah Tung operates fully under the standard of ISO 9001:2015 and follows firmly. The plant employs hundreds of professionals and skilled workers to produce high quality building material and precise industrial metal parts for our valuable customers, in order to provide innovative construction products and services to local and international customers.

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